Rag Dolls for Kids Fighting Cancer Made By Halle LuLu Toy Factory

Making Patient Pals for All

Built For Play

Imagine having a Doll for All Occasions. Now you can. Our dolls have removable hair and a wide variety of outfits so whatever the occasion, we have a Doll for you. 

Built For Learning

Not only are our Dolls great for play time, but also can be used to teach children about cancer and disabilities. All dolls have removable hair and come with a some type of head cover. In addition, we take special orders for dolls with limb differences. All children are special and deserve a Doll 'just like them.'

Make Your Perfect Doll

Not only can you choose hair color, styles and different outfits, you also can choose from different emoji faces for your perfect rag doll. So you can either make a doll for a child or perhaps you want to bring a smile to someone older... possibly fight cancer. Point is no matter what the occasion, Patient Pals is all about FUN!

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